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News Friday, Jul 28 2017

Loser of the Week: Dean Heller

Jul 28, 2017

Heller’s Lying & Constantly Shifting Stances on Health Care This Week Will Cost Him His Seat

Last night, Dean Heller showed Nevadans exactly who he is: a career politician desperate to hang on to power, a weak partisan hack without the courage of his convictions — or any convictions at all.

Statement by American Bridge President Jessica Mackler on Dean Heller and healthcare:

“Dean Heller lied to the people of Nevada, plain and simple. Last month, Heller promised that he would oppose efforts to strip health care from thousands of Nevadans. Last night, Heller betrayed every single one of them.

“It is clearer than ever that Heller is nothing more than a weak, partisan politician who only cares about himself. While Nevada families were counting on him, Heller secretly negotiated with Trump and Republicans to destroy the American health care system. After promising to defend gains in health coverage under Obamacare, Heller voted for a reckless Republican repeal bill that would kick 16 million Americans off their health care and raise premiums for millions more.

“Next November, Nevadans will not forget Dean Heller’s betrayal. Count on it.”

Timeline of Dean Heller’s Lying and Constantly-Shiting Health Care Stances:

• January 2011 – January 2017: Heller voted 20 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
• March 2017: Heller opposed ACA repeal and promised to protect Medicaid expansion.
• April 2017: Heller said he would do everything he can to “get to a yes” on ACA repeal bill.
• May 2017: Heller announced opposition to the House version of ACA repeal, and again promised to protect Medicaid expansion.
• June 6, 2017: Heller confirmed that he supports a seven-year phase out that would end Medicaid expansion.
• June 21, 2017: Heller announced that he supports a Medicaid expansion phase out of 10 or 15 years.
• June 23, 2017: Heller announced opposition to the Senate version of ACA repeal at press conference with Gov. Sandoval.
• June 23, 2017: Pro-Trump outside group launched ads against Heller for opposing ACA repeal bill.
• June 27, 2017: Pro-Trump outside group pulled ads as Heller comes “back to the table” on ACA repeal.
• Late June – July 2017: Heller faced threats of a primary challenge from Trump allies and conservative groups angered by his position on health care.
• July 25, 2017: Heller voted for a motion to proceed to debate in the Senate over health care, but said that if the bill was not improved then he would not vote for it.
• July 26, 2017: Heller said he would vote for the “skinny bill” that would decimate insurance markets.
• July 27, 2017: Heller endorses Graham-Cassidy bill that would shift major obligations to the states.
• July 28, 2017: Heller voted for “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act that would leave 16 million Americans without health insurance and premiums would be 20 percent higher.

Published: Jul 28, 2017

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