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Wednesday, Jun 27 2018

LATEST PUTNAM SCANDAL: Keeps Employees Who Sexually Harass Women on the Job

Jun 27, 2018

Another day, another scandal for Tallahassee insider Adam Putnam. Politico Florida broke the news today that Putnam’s office looked the other way and gave slaps on the wrists to numerous employees accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. Read the story here. Despite the allegations, Putnam kept the employees on the job. Two are still employed by his office, and another left for different reasons.

Unfortunately, this is only the latest in a series of scandals that have upended the Republican Primary for Florida Governor. Weeks ago, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Putnam’s office failed to perform FBI background checks on people applying for concealed carry permits because they forgot their login information. Then, two weeks ago, a roller coaster that had been inspected by Putnam’s employees only hours before crashed and sent nine people to the hospital.

“A week can’t go by without yet another example of scandal-plagued Adam Putnam being asleep at the wheel and failing to do his job,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Adam Putnam has failed to perform background checks for concealed carry permits, failed to ensure his office is adequately inspecting a roller coaster that injured people, and now failed to protect women who have been sexually harassed by Putnam’s employees. So why exactly is Putnam asking Florida voters for a promotion?”

Published: Jun 27, 2018

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