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Wednesday, Sep 20 2017

Kim Reynolds Endorses Plan To Kick 172,000 Iowans Off Their Health Insurance

Sep 20, 2017

A new analysis out Wednesday shows Kim Reynolds is supporting a bill that would cost 172,000 of her constituents their healthcare. On Tuesday, Reynolds signed a letter supporting Cassidy-Graham, the latest version of Trumpcare. On Wednesday, a new analysis found that Reynolds’ chosen plan would kick 172,000 Iowans off their health insurance.
Cassidy-Graham is the worst version of Trumpcare yet. Over the next ten years, it would rob Iowa of $2.3 billion in federal funding and kick 172,000 Wisconsinites off their health insurance. The bill also ends Medicaid as we know it, guts protections for people with preexisting conditions, and bars funding for Planned Parenthood. The American Medical Association, AARP, The American Heart Association, and 35 anti-cancer advocacy groups all oppose the bill.
American Bridge Spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:
“Kim Reynolds is siding with Washington Republicans over Iowa families. She’s championing a bill that kicks 172,000 Iowans off their insurance, lets insurance companies jack up prices on people who get sick or pregnant, and subject seniors to an age tax — all in the name of partisan politics.”

Published: Sep 20, 2017

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