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News Friday, Aug 10 2018

Kevin Cramer Has No Idea What North Dakota Looks Like

Aug 10, 2018

Kevin Cramer is having trouble figuring out what North Dakota looks like. A new report from TPM reveals that Cramer’s campaign materials are stuffed with stock photos from Serbia, Hungary, Indonesia, and Great Britain.

Cramer used the stock image of a grandfather and grandson to sugar coat his plan to dismantle Social Security and Medicare. Unfortunate for Cramer, he’s actually featuring an elegant photo of the eastern European nation of Serbia.

Cramer is also having trouble figuring out what America looks like. Cramer used a photo of shadowy people lurking by a border fence. Unfortunately for Cramer, that’s a photo of Syrian refugees at the Hungarian border with Serbia.

In case Kevin and his team need help with local North Dakota geography, Hungary and Serbia are over 5,000 miles from Bismark.

“Kevin Cramer has no idea what he’s doing. He’s stumbling from gaffe to gaffe while staking his candidacy on a reckless trade war that is punishing North Dakota farmers and businesses. Now it’s clear Cramer’s campaign-that-can’t-shoot-straight can’t even identify his home state in a photo,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Published: Aug 10, 2018

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