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Josh Mandel Saturday, Jan 1 2011

Josh Mandel On Housing

Jan 01, 2011

Mandel 1 Of Only 5 To Vote Against Expanding Homestead Property Tax Exemption. In 2008, Mandel voted against S.B. 306. The bill would expand eligibility for the homestead property tax exemption, the 2.5% “rollback,” for residents of housing cooperatives by reducing the number of units a housing complex must contain to qualify as an eligible housing cooperative from 250 to 2. The bill passed the House 90-5. [S.B. 206, 12/17/08]

2009: Mandel Voted Against Requiring Notice Of Foreclosure Being Given To Renters. In 2009, Mandel voted against protecting renters in HB 9, to require that notice of foreclosure and related sale of residential rental property be given to tenants at that property and to specify that a rental agreement for a residential property that is sold pursuant to a foreclosure action converts to a month-to-month rental agreement. The bill passed 70-25. [H.B. 9, 6/17/09]

Bill Faith: Current Foreclosure Practices “Egregious.” According to Bill Faith, executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio, “With tenants, it’s just so egregious because they are evicted sometimes with only three days notice, even though they’ve paid their rent on time for years”. [Columbus Dispatch, 5/7/09]

2009: Mandel Voted For 6-Month Moratorium On Foreclosures, But Only After Trying To Reduce Moratorium To 60 Days. In 2009, Mandel voted for HB 3, to declare a six-month moratorium on mortgage foreclosures, provide courts additional authority to modify mortgage payments and continued tenancy, and regulate residential mortgage servicers. However, Mandel voted against tabling an amendment by Rep. Peter Stautberg to change the six-month moratorium to sixty days. It was tabled 51-46. The bill finally passed the House 54-43. [H.B. 3, House Journal, 5/30/09, Pages 528-529]

2006: Mandel Voted In Support Of Expediting Foreclosure Procedure. In 2006, Mandel voted for a resolution expressing support for Ohio House Bill No. 294, a measure to expedite the foreclosure procedure for abandoned and unoccupied real properties that have delinquent tax charges, and declaring an emergency. It passed 7-0. [Resolution No. 2006-17, 2/6/06]

Published: Jan 1, 2011 | Last Modified: Apr 21, 2021

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