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Saturday, Jan 1 2011

Jon Bruning On The Environment

Jan 01, 2011

Bruning Filed A Lawsuit Opposing EPA Air Pollution Rule Cutting Emissions Of Acid Rain Gases. “Attorney General Jon Bruning will file a federal lawsuit challenging a new air pollution rule that could cost Nebraska utilities millions of dollars. Bruning announced Thursday that he will file a challenge of the Environmental Protection Agency’s so-called Cross-State Air Pollution Rule in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, announced in July and set to go into effect Jan. 1, cuts allowable emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, the gases that cause acid rain. The EPA says the new standards will improve air quality significantly by reducing power plant emissions in 27 states.” [Lincoln Journal Star, 9/22/11]

Bruning Criticized EPA Air Pollution Rule For “Questionable Science” And “Unlikely Benefits.” “‘EPA’s job-killing mandates on emissions are backed by questionable science matched with unaffordable price tags and unlikely benefits,’ Bruning said in a news release. ‘This is another example of an overreaching federal government run amok.'” [Lincoln Journal Star, 9/22/11]

Bruning Attacked New EPA Air Pollution Regulation As “Costly Federal Overreach,” Prepared To File Lawsuit Against It. “Nebraska utilities could be forced to spend millions, reduce electrical generation and raise electric rates to comply with new a federal regulation governing air pollution from coal plants. Officials from several Nebraska utilities said they were caught off guard by the proposed regulation, both in its timing and the emission limits, which are more stringent than those proposed earlier by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency… Representatives from OPPD, the Nebraska Public Power District, the cities of Fremont, Grand Island and Hastings and other utilities met with Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning last week to discuss their concerns over the regulation — especially its timing… Meanwhile, Bruning is working on a lawsuit to give Nebraska utilities breathing room to comply. A Texas utility already has filed a lawsuit. ‘The attorney general’s office is working to protect Nebraska power producers and consumers from this costly federal overreach,’ said Bruning spokeswoman Shannon Kingery. ‘We anticipate the suit will be filed in the coming months.'” [Lincoln Journal Star, 9/12/11]

Bruning Opposed EPA Air Pollution Rule Regulating Power Plant Emissions, Announced Plans To File Lawsuit In Effort To Block It. “Local mayors, the attorney general, and some Nebraska energy producers are teaming up. They’re fighting what could be costly upgrades to power plants. It has to do with the Environmental Protection Agency’s new regulation on coal emissions. News 5’s Josh Egbert was at the joint meeting today, where they discussed their plans. At the summit, the attorney general announced a lawsuit will be filed against the EPA that would challenge new rules placed on local power districts. ‘Our concern is the EPA continues to overreach,’ said Attorney General Jon Bruning. Bruning is challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s new regulations. He says they’re too stringent on coal-fired electric generation. ‘The latest regulations coming down from EPA are going to cost the city of Hastings, the city of Grand Island, the city of Fremont 10’s of millions of dollars,’ Bruning said. The new cross-state air pollution rule requires Nebraska and 26 other states to significantly improve air quality by reducing power plant emissions that contribute to ozone and fine-particle pollution in other states. The attorney general says this would costs cities millions of dollars. ‘Really, the city of Hastings will pay $20 million or more to retrofit its power plant for coal emissions,’ said Bruning.” [KHAS, 9/7/11]

Bruning Said Nebraska’s Power Plants Were “Clean Enough Now” In Terms Of Air Pollution. “The attorney general’s office is trying to gather support from Nebraska cities, energy producers and even other states to put an injunction to the regulations. ‘They’re clean enough now, we don’t need to do more,’ said Bruning. Attorney General Bruning will be gathering that support for the lawsuit over the next few weeks and filing that injunction shortly after that.” [KHAS, 9/7/11]

Bruning Supported Bush Administration’s Efforts To Weaken Clean Air Act. “Siding with President Bush, the State of Nebraska has jumped into the legal fray over proposed revisions to the Clean Air Act. Last week, Nebraska joined seven other states in opposing a lawsuit filed against the Bush plan by nine northeastern and mid-Atlantic states. Those nine states want to block the Bush changes, which they say weaken clean air laws and pollute their states. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning said Nebraska’s interest lies in allowing ‘business to conduct itself without onerous regulations that prevent businesses from doing the right thing on their own accord.’” [Omaha World-Herald, 2/5/03]

Published: Jan 1, 2011

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