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News Wednesday, Jan 25 2017

Is Spicer Going to Continue to Lie to the American People Today?

Jan 25, 2017

As Donald Trump moves to enact some of his most xenophobic, extreme policies from the campaign through executive order this afternoon, there are questions about both the constitutionality of what he promised and how many American families would be hurt that still need to be cleared up.

Since the Trump Administration refuses to detail the executive orders that Trump is signing, here are a few questions ahead of the Press Secretary briefing:

1. Border Wall: How much are American taxpayers going to be on the hook for building the wall he promised Mexico would pay for, now that they have unequivocally refused?  And when will the construction be finished?

2. Muslim Ban: Is Trump’s banning immigration from a group of Middle Eastern countries an attempt to circumvent the unconstitutionality of his proposed religious immigration test?

3. Torture: Does Trump still want to engage in torture, despite U.S. laws preventing torture and broad bipartisan opposition from Americans?

Published: Jan 25, 2017

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