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Tuesday, Apr 26 2022

ICYMI: Budd And Walker Back Rick Scott’s Policy Roadmap

Apr 26, 2022

With North Carolina Republicans hosting NRSC Chair Rick Scott for their state convention next month, we want to remind you that North Carolina Republican U.S Senate candidates Ted Budd and Mark Walker have praised Scott’s policy “roadmap” that calls for a tax hike on retirees and half of Americans, and risks “sunsetting” Social Security, Medicare, and coverage protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

According to WGPH-TV, Budd recently said he “agreed with some of [the Scott plan’s] major points.” It’s unsurprising that Budd would be OK with a proposal that risks sunsetting retirement security programs along with the Affordable Care Act and its coverage protections for people with pre-existing conditions, given that Budd previously voted to gut the health care law and its coverage protections.

A week later, Walker too decided to praise Rick Scott’s agenda. Like Budd, Walker has opposed legislation that lowers costs for working families and he supported gutting pre-existing condition coverage protections and letting insurance companies charge older Americans more for coverage.

Scott has struggled to defend his disastrous “11-point plan” — which he proposed as a policy “roadmap” that Senate Republicans should follow should they retake the Senate. Now, Budd and Walker will have to do the same, and explain to North Carolinians why they want to raise costs — and taxes — for working families, while risking programs like Social Security and Medicare.


Published: Apr 26, 2022

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