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Thursday, Mar 28 2019

ICYMI: D.C. Dan Forest Caught in the Act Leaving a Lobbyist Fundraiser, Then Lies About It

Mar 28, 2019

Watch Forest sneaking out of a K Street fundraiser in Washington yesterday instead of doing his job in North Carolina

American Bridge caught up with Republican candidate for North Carolina Governor Dan Forest yesterday in sunny Washington, D.C.. Why would North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor be so far from his day job at 11 AM on a Wednesday? Well, he actually told us, sort of.

After American Bridge tweeted footage of Forest leaving a K Street lobbying firm, Forest himself responded, saying “While in D.C. attending a LG summit at the White House we were invited to meet with energy sector government affairs people because they are very worried about the direction our current governor and his party are taking the state.”

Nothing to see here, case closed, right? Not quite. While Forest attempted to downplay the event as nothing more than a couple of concerned energy sector people inviting him to meet to discuss policy, the proof is in the receipts, and we got ‘em.
Below is the invite for the event, which is clearly a fundraiser for Forest’s Super PAC with specific contribution giving levels.


“D.C. Dan was caught red-handed yesterday sneaking out of a K Street fundraiser in Washington, D.C.,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “It’s alarming that Dan Forest would lie about something so easily disproven just to hide from North Carolina voters who he is meeting with.”


Published: Mar 28, 2019

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