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AB Leadership Donald Trump Tuesday, Jan 23 2024

ICYMI: AB21 Presidential Comms Director on Black Press USA

Jan 23, 2024

This week, American Bridge 21st Century Presidential Campaigns Communications Director Brandon Weathersby joined Black Press USA’s Let It Be Known News to discuss the 2024 presidential election and American Bridge’s role in holding Republicans accountable and defeating Donald Trump in November.

Watch the full video here.

Key Quotes:

  • “When we look at former governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is unable to articulate the causes of the Civil War or to articulate — or should I say accept — that institutions in this country were founded upon racism.”
  • “When we look like the choice that we’re going to have in November, and it looks like that choice is most likely going to be Donald Trump as the nominee for the Republican Party, it’s really a choice between progression or regression. If we want to progress and continue to try to check off the boxes of the president’s robust agenda: to get America working again and to improve the lives of Americans, or if we’re going to regress with Donald Trump and the ilk that surround him.”
  • “[American Bridge] will be in swing states, battleground states Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The goal there is to talk to individuals who are on the margins, particularly folks that are in exurban media markets… We’re putting everyday, regular people into these ads… Having those folks tell those stories over those four years of what life was like for them under Donald Trump. Not just  they don’t like Donald Trump, but the idea of what those policies actually did for their livelihoods and how they’re still feeling those effects today.”
  • “The American electorate has to just be reminded about what those times were like under Donald Trump, the failures he had as a president, the policy failures he had, and how he used that position to benefit himself and people like him.”

Published: Jan 23, 2024

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