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ICYMI: AB21 President on The Julie Mason Show

Jan 16, 2024

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century President Pat Dennis joined SiriusXM’s The Julie Mason Show to discuss AB21’s newly released paid media plan.

American Bridge 21st Century announced they are planning to spend $200 million — including $140 million in paid ad spending — over the course of the 2024 cycle. $85 million of that fundraising has already been raised and committed to the program as of January 2024.

Listen to the full interview here.

Key Quotes:

  • “American Bridge, folks who don’t know us, we’re an opposition research organization primarily and people hear that and they think shadowy folks in trench coats digging up dirt, which isn’t completely accurate.although, we do dig up quite a bit of bad things about Republicans, but you might assume that when we start spending money on ads ourselves that we’re gonna be doing those kinds of ads where there’s like an ominous voice and terrible, storm clouds and that’s kind of like the exact opposite of what we do.”
  • “So what we really focus on is kind of different, we literally hire organizers in the key swing states. We’re really focused on Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania for the presidential election — many people are. And what we do is we find people in the state and we just talk to them, we don’t write scripts.”
  • “We really find a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump once or twice, people who look like regular, everyday people and we just sit down with them and we talk and these folks, in real life, they have major concerns about Donald Trump. They don’t like what he did on abortion. They don’t like, obviously, around stealing the election and his conduct on January 6th. And even Medicare and Social Security, the things he did there.”
  • “It’s just real people saying their concerns. And what we find is like, that’s really effective for people who are out, especially in more rural or exurban areas. Especially a lot of like women swing voters, it’s really important to hear that there are people out there who share these concerns, like these things about Donald Trump are really a problem and you can feel kind of alone sometimes, especially in these places where we’re essentially trying to lose by less, like a lot of these more exurban, the suburban counties where Trump has historically been pretty strong in the past. And what we find is like showing them these real people with real concerns that other people feel too sort of creates, gives people some permission to be like, OK, I’m not crazy. I need to vote against this guy.”

Published: Jan 16, 2024 | Last Modified: Jan 18, 2024

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