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News Thursday, Jul 27 2017

Heller's Embarrassing Campaign Stunt Fails 10-90 on the Senate Floor

Jul 27, 2017

Today, Nevadans have even more proof that Dean Heller is one of the least effective Senators in Washington. After siding with Donald Trump and casting the essential vote for Trumpcare on Tuesday, Heller tried to pander to Nevadans on Wednesday by introducing a sham amendment whose only purpose was to burnish his campaign ads next year.
This is Heller’s only health care idea to ever receive a vote on the floor this year.
You’d think he’d try to pass it.
It failed 10-90.
That’s right, Dean Heller’s best effort to showcase his health care ideas was rejected by 90 of his fellow Senators.
American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement on Heller’s defeat on the Senate Floor:
“This embarrassing defeat exposes Dean Heller for exactly what he is: an empty suit, a pandering politician who will say anything to get elected, but who lacks the work ethic and skill to fight for Nevadans. Instead of supporting Nevadans’ right to quality, affordable care, Heller crafted a meaningless amendment whose only purpose was to appear on campaign brochures. Fortunately, Senate Republicans tossed his bill in the trash — and Nevadans will do the same to those brochures next year.”

Published: Jul 27, 2017

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