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News Wednesday, Feb 24 2016

Has Marco Rubio Accomplished Anything? Another Surrogate Says "No"

Feb 24, 2016

We know Marco Rubio’s missed 68% of all committee hearings since joining the Senate and over 87% of votes so far in 2016. But what has Rubio actually accomplished when he does show up for work?

It turns out that Rubio and his campaign surrogate Rick Santorum aren’t the only one’s who’re struggling to come up with any accomplishments that he’s had since being elected to the Senate in 2011. Yet another Rubio endorser and surrogate, Nevada Representative Cresent Hardy, was today lost for words when asked to name any accomplishments that Marco Rubio has had:

ROBERTS: Is there one thing you can name over the last year that you’ve seen first-hand, on the Hill, that demonstrates presidential character — to be able to get things done?

HARDY: On the Hill, I have not seen that…

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Published: Feb 24, 2016

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