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News Wednesday, Mar 2 2016

Gov. McCrory All In For The #PartyOfTrump

Mar 02, 2016

Forget #FreeChristie — Republican governors are already lining up to join him in supporting Donald Trump. Next up: Governor Pat McCrory.

Apparently unconcerned about North Carolina’s increasingly diverse electorate, a Pat McCrory spokesman did not hesitate to reaffirm the governor’s backing of the eventual GOP nominee after last night’s decisive Trump victory. 

In December, Ann Coulter tossed out the idea of a Trump-McCrory ticket. McCrory’s campaign manager said “the governor is flattered but committed to making North Carolina a better place to live, work and raise a family.” Something tells us the Kochs wouldn’t exactly just let one of their favorite governors detach his puppet strings. But McCrory is still all in for the #PartyOfTrump. 

Trump’s aggressive rhetoric against undocumented immigrants, Muslim Americans, and just about anyone who disagrees with him has the Republican establishment on edge. He shows no signs of toning down his extreme and xenophobic policies. Despite this, his fellow presidential candidates, vulnerable GOP senators — and now, Republican governors — are repeatedly saying they’ll support him if he’s the eventual nominee. Clearly, the GOP is the #PartyOfTrump.

Published: Mar 2, 2016

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