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News Saturday, Feb 13 2016

GOP's Immigrant Song: Xenophobic Rhetoric — And No Path To Citizenship

Feb 13, 2016

Donald Trump’s 35% win in New Hampshire confirmed it: xenophobic, anti-immigrant red meat and policies are what win over the Republican base these days. Offensive, anti-immigrant policy proposals and rhetoric have been a constant the entirety of the GOP presidential primary — their prominence and consistency perhaps only rivaled by Donald Trump’s months-long polling dominance.

Trump may have ratcheted things up the most with his unabashed demagoguery and offensive characterization, but it’s not like it started with him. The rest of the GOP field has similar views — and, like Trump, not one candidate supports a pathway to citizenship.

Here’s a rundown of the GOP field’s anti-immigrant views and positions:

Published: Feb 13, 2016

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