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Friday, Mar 4 2016

GOP Kills The Rebrand

Mar 04, 2016

The 2012 GOP autopsy report called for an effort to move away from Mitt Romney’s “self deportation” rhetoric and make the Republican Party look and sound more inclusive and compassionate.

Three years later, here’s Politico’s headline this morning: “Trump kills GOP autopsy.”

The 2016 GOP field has dutifully swapped out “self-deportation” for “mass forced deportation,” though that can’t be what the committee had in mind. And Trump, Cruz, and the rest, have had similar successes with respect to expanding the party’s appeal — or at least among white supremacists.

It isn’t just Trump who’s killing the rebrand. It’s every other Republican running for president who’s consistently promoted his xenophobic policies and rhetoric; and it’s every Republican candidate and establishment figure who’s pledged to support Trump as their party’s nominee. This is no rebrand: the GOP is as extreme, exclusionary, and lacking in empathy as ever.

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Published: Mar 4, 2016

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