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News Thursday, Apr 21 2016

GOP Florida Senate Field Wrong On Women's Health

Apr 21, 2016

This week Florida Governor Rick Scott’s and Republican legislators were rebuffed and the state will not be allowed to block federal funding to Planned Parenthood and other women’s health care providers.

“Planned Parenthood saves women’s lives every day,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “But Florida’s Governor and Republican Senate candidates would rather play politics than worry about affordable birth control or women’s health. Floridian women deserve better.”


In March 2016 Florida Governor Rick Scott Signed A Bill That Defunded Planned Parenthood

Governor Scott Signed One Of The Strongest Anti-Abortion-Rights Laws In The Country, Which Included Stripping State Funding For Planned Parenthood. According to The Hill, “Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has signed one of the strongest anti-abortion-rights laws in the country, setting off what is likely to be a lengthy legal battle. Scott signed the closely watched legislation this weekend, just one day before it would have automatically became law. The bill strips state funding from Planned Parenthood, while also imposing strict new limits on abortion providers and doctors. Many of the same restrictions were passed in Texas in 2013, and are now being challenged in the Supreme Court. Scott did not say why he had signed the legislation, which was approved along with 67 other bills.” [Hill, 3/28/16]

Ron DeSantis

Desantis Claimed That Planned Parenthood “Sold Baby Parts For Profit”

DeSantis Claimed Planned Parenthood Sold “Baby Parts For Profit.” According to a press release by Congressman Ron DeSantis via States News Service, “Continuing resolutions are no way to legislate. Today’s continuing resolution extends the spending priorities of the Harry Reid Senate from 2014, fails to direct money away from organizations like Planned Parenthood that sell baby parts for profit, contains less funding for our military than the appropriations bill passed by the House earlier this year, and does nothing to cut wasteful spending and reform government.” [Congressman Ron DeSantis via States News Service, 9/30/15]

Said Planned Parenthood Ran A “Meat Market For Baby Parts”

VIDEO: Ron DeSantis: “Do You Want To Live In A Country Where Your Tax Dollars Are Going To Subsidize A Meat Market For Baby Parts?” According to a video of Sharktank, “The thing is a lot of Americans still haven’t seen these videos, because the media does not like to report about it. And the media on this issue, they are very much in the tank for the left fringe of the democratic party. And so you really have something that I think once people are educated about it I think you are going to have 75-80 percent of the public be revolted by it, and look what kind of country do you want to live in. Do you want to live in a country where your tax dollars are going to subsidize a meat market for baby parts? That’s not something I want to live in.” [Congressman Ron DeSantis on Sharktank, 8/10/15]

DeSantis Co-Sponsored Legislation That Would Defund Planned Parenthood

DeSantis Co-Sponsored Legislation That Would Defund Planned Parenthood. According to The Stuart News, “DeSantis co-sponsored a bill last month to cut off money for Planned Parenthood. A similar proposal failed in the Senate last week and some Republicans are calling for a government shutdown to defund the nonprofit, a measure Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he won’t allow. The nonprofit doesn’t use federal money for abortions.” [Stuart News, 8/14/15]

DeSantis Voted At Least Five Times To Defund Planned Parenthood

DeSantis Voted At Least Five Times To Defund Planned Parenthood.  [House Vote 505, 9/18/15; House Vote 527, 9/30/15; House Vote 568, 10/23/15; House Vote 6, 1/8/16; House Vote 53, 2/2/16]

David Jolly

Jolly Created A “Microsite” Where He Highlighted His Support For Defunding Planned Parenthood

Jolly Created A “Microsite” Where He Touted Voting To  Defund Planned Parenthood. According to Saint Peters Blog, “U.S. Rep. David Jolly on Friday unveiled a new component of his 2016 campaign for the Senate – a new ‘microsite’ featuring a legislative scorecard meant to serve as the Clearwater Republican’s conservative highlight reel. The new site – – contains information touting the congressman’s votes against the 2015-2016 budget and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and moves in favor of deporting more undocumented immigrants and defunding Planned Parenthood. […] ‘Some people go to Washington for power and prestige – I went to get results,’ said Jolly in an email to supporters. ‘Paying lip service to conservative principles and not following through just won’t cut it.’ ‘Our budget is still out of balance, our debt continues to soar, and our economy is not as robust as we should expect and deserve. I’ve never hesitated to buck the establishment when I felt it was playing politics with issues that demand courage and even political sacrifice. Because my vote has to be earned. It is not for sale,’ Jolly wrote. […] ‘As you know, I am running to represent the people of Florida in the U.S. Senate, and I do not ask for support blindly,’ said Jolly via a release Friday. ‘Let’s take this journey together to prove that when you put conservatism to work it works for everyone.” [Saint Peters Blog, 8/28/15]

Jolly Introduced A Bill That Would Defund Planned Parenthood

Jolly Introduced Legislation That Would “Prohibit Federal Funding Of The Planned Parenthood Federation Of America.” According to Targeted News Service, “Rep. David Jolly, R-Fla., has introduced legislation (H.R. 3301) to prohibit Federal funding of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The bill was introduced on July 29. It was referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.” [Targeted News Service, 8/1/15]

Jolly Voted At Least Five Times To Defund Planned Parenthood

Jolly Voted At Least Five Times To Defund Planned Parenthood.  [House Vote 505, 9/18/15; House Vote 527, 9/30/15; House Vote 568, 10/23/15; House Vote 6, 1/8/16; House Vote 53, 2/2/16]

Published: Apr 21, 2016

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