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Thursday, Jan 14 2016

GOP Field: We're Just Like Trump On Immigration, Please Vote For Us

Jan 14, 2016

For months, the Republican presidential primary has been fueled by anti-immigrant rhetoric. Donald Trump may have built the fire, but he’s got the rest of the field is huddling around it to stay warm. 

Hardline opposition to a path to citizenship, DACA, and the DREAM Act have become the GOP’s new normal. Those doing best in the polls also happen to support anti-immigrant profiling and spout xenophobic rhetoric in line with Donald Trump’s own.

To meaningfully criticize Trump on immigration is political suicide, because he has the GOP base in his corner. To be labeled as “pro-amnesty” or “weak on immigration” is a death sentence.

But this isn’t pandering on their part: Cruz, Rubio, and the rest agree with him. That’s why they’re proposing the same xenophobic rhetoric and policies that have Trump polling at 35%.

Here’s a slew of Republicans trying to do their best Donald Trump impressions:


Published: Jan 14, 2016

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