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Herschel Walker Abortion Friday, Dec 3 2021

GA GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Pledges To Outlaw Abortion

Dec 03, 2021

Walker says he supports “outlawing abortion, including in instances of rape and incest”

Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker has officially added his name to the long list of 2022 Senate candidates that support fully outlawing abortion — a position that’s far out of alignment with strong majorities of Americans who support access to abortion.

Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Walker […] recently filled out a survey from the Georgia Life Alliance that supported outlawing abortion, including in instances of rape and incest.

“I am 100% pro-life. As Georgia’s next senator, I will vote for any legislation which protects the sanctity of human life, even if the legislation is not perfect,” he told the organization. “Every human life is valuable and absolutely worth saving.”

Walker’s Republican primary opponents — Gary Black, Latham Saddler, and Kelvin King — each likewise support hardline abortion bans, with the candidates’ “highlighting their positions as the [Supreme Court] considers the fate of a Mississippi law that would ban most abortions after 15 weeks into a pregnancy.”

Read the full Atlanta Journal-Constitution report here.


Published: Dec 3, 2021 | Last Modified: Dec 14, 2021

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