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Friday, Aug 22 2014

FOX and Friend (Scott Brown)

Aug 22, 2014

This was Scott Brown just last week.

Brown was utterly incredulous when it was suggested that FOX News would be any more favorable to his campaign just because he worked there. He pointed out that he was nothing more than a (very well paid) part-time employee.

Coincidentally, FOX decided to do an apocalyptic special titled “Live Free Or Die: The Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire.” This is the only special FOX has done focused on a single state all cycle. It offers a doomsday view of the new healthcare law in the Granite State, before entering savior Scott Brown in the final minutes to chronicle his heroic campaign to defeat Jeanne Shaheen and repeal the law.

And FOX isn’t the only outside help Scott Brown is getting in Mission: Tell Everyone ACA Will Destroy Their Lives — the Koch Brothers’ AFP has run false ads to attack Brown’s opponent over health care too. But forget the skewed picture painted by FOX and AFP, and the nuanced politics of the Affordable Care Act for Scott Brown (only about one-third of voters support his repeal stance). This special, on the heels of Scott Brown’s categorical dismissal of the notion that FOX would do anything to help his floundering campaign, is one more piece of evidence that you can’t trust a word that comes out of this guy’s mouth. Shocking, from a Massachusetts guy trying to convince the whole state of New Hampshire that he’s one of them, right?

So what will Scott Brown be doing tonight? Hosting a screening of the FOX special, of course.

Published: Aug 22, 2014

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