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News Tuesday, Feb 14 2017

Flynn Resignation Raises Further Questions For Trump, Americans Deserve Answers Now

Feb 14, 2017

The latest White House scandal won’t end with Michael Flynn’s resignation. In reality, new reports suggest the White House and the President have been lying to the American public for potentially weeks now, and when Press Secretary Sean Spicer takes the podium this afternoon, he’ll be left with nowhere to hide. The American people deserve answers and they deserve them now.

“It’s time for serious answers from the Trump administration about how deep this scandal runs and the extent to which the President is involved,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “Michael Flynn’s resignation is not the end of this episode, it’s only the beginning.”

Shah calls on Spicer to answer the following questions:

  1. Who in the White House was aware of the true nature Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador and did anyone instruct him to convey the message of easing sanctions?
  2. Who specifically in the Trump administration knew about the Justice Department’s warnings about Flynn a month ago? Why did no one in the White House act on these warnings? And was the President lying on Friday aboard Air Force One when he said he was unfamiliar with the controversy?
  3. Why did it take so long for Flynn to go? Did President Trump trust the Kremlin account of Flynn’s conversation with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak over US intelligence?
  4. Will the administration cooperate with a bipartisan select congressional committee investigation into Russia’s involvement with individuals in the Trump administration and in the 2016 election?
  5. Why didn’t President Trump receive an intelligence briefing this morning? Is he just not doing these now that Flynn is gone?

Published: Feb 14, 2017

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