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Wednesday, Nov 2 2016

Flip-Flop-Flip, Joe Heck Thinks Trump Would Be A "Good Commander In Chief"

Nov 02, 2016

Joe Heck will not be remembered for displaying bold leadership after next Tuesday. In a desperate bid to court spurned Donald Trump voters, Heck — in a stunning flip (to add to his previous flop) — described Trump as “qualified to be president” and added he thinks that Trump will make “a good commander in chief.”

“If you meet the constitutional qualifications and you’re selected by the Republican party then you’re qualified to be president.

“I think that Donald Trump will be a good commander in chief.

During Nevada’s only senatorial debate, Heck described his decision to cut ties with Trump as “extremely personal.”  If Heck was so deeply offended by Trump’s description of his proclivity for sexual assault, why is he now returned to praising Trump as qualified to be President and a promising prospect as commander in chief? What happened to Heck’s claim that a “code of honor, decency and respect” was necessary for a presidential contender?

“Has he done it again? Oh my Lord.” Former Republican lawmaker Joe Scarborough was confounded at Heck’s pliable spine this morning, imploring Heck to, “Just take a side and stick with it, man!” Not bad advice, Congressman Heck. It’s impossible to see Heck’s latest flip-flop for what it is: a desperate attempt to placate the right and salvage his flailing Senate bid.

Mika thought Heck’s “squishy” flip-flop was pretty funny. 

Published: Nov 2, 2016

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