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News Tuesday, May 16 2017

Five Troubling Facts McMaster Confirmed At The Podium

May 16, 2017

Based on General H.R. McMaster’s dumpster fire briefing, it’s wholly appropriate to assume Trump put our national security and intelligence resources at risk by sharing highly classified information with Russia.

  1. Trump Was Winging It, Decided In The Moment To Share Highly Classified Info With Russia [WATCH]

Q: When did [Trump] make the decision to share the information? 

McMaster: He made the decision in the context of the conversation

  1. Trump’s Homeland Security Advisor Was Concerned By Trump Sharing Highly Classified Info With Russia [WATCH]

Q: If there was nothing that the president shared that he shouldn’t have shared why did his counter terrorism adviser contact the NSA and the CIA about what he had said? 

McMaster: I would say maybe from an over abundance of caution, but I am not sure. 

  1. Trump Revealed The City The Information Came From Jeopardizing Important American Intelligence Efforts [WATCH]

Q: Did the President reveal the city, I mean, the spin is that the President revealed the name of the city and that gave away information that undermined an ally. 

McMaster: Okay so, um, all of you are very familiar with the threat from ISIS, all of you are very familiar with the territory it controls.  If you were to say hey from where do you think a threat might come that territory that ISIS controls you would probably be able to name a few cities and I would think. And so it was it was, it was nothing that you would not know from open source reporting in terms of a source of concern.

  1. Trump Didn’t Know Where the Intelligence He Was Sharing Came From [WATCH]

McMaster: I should just make, maybe this statement here that the President wasn’t even aware of where this information came from, he wasn’t  briefed on the source or the method of the information either. 

  1. If Everything McMaster Admitted About Trump Sharing Classified Information Is True, Then His Claims About The Veracity Of The Washington Post And Others Reports Was A BIG FAT LIE.


Published: May 16, 2017

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