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News Monday, Oct 30 2017

Enron Ed To Attend Marco Rubio/Ed Gillespie Rally

Oct 30, 2017

American Bridge 21st Century to send spokespeople to highlight Gillespie’s career lobbying for special interests’ profit over people

WHO:              Enron Ed and Ed the Swamp Creature

WHEN:            Monday, October 30th at 6 PM EST

WHERE:          42669 Trade West Drive Sterling VA 20166

Today at 6pm, American Bridge will have spokespeople stationed outside Ed Gillespie GOTV rally with Marco Rubio to highlight Gillespie’s career making millions at the expense of Virginians.

Rubio, like Gillespie, has fallen in line with Trump’s agenda after once musing on the trail, “Can this country afford to have a President under investigation by the FBI?” Imagine no more, Senator. And now Rubio is aiding and abetting Trump’s puppet, Ed Gillespie, who has launched an anti-immigrant, fear-mongering, bigoted campaign just like Trump’s. Gillespie is also doing what he’s always done–abandoned Virginians in order to profit for himself.

From lobbying for the privatization of Social Security and putting Virginians’ livelihoods at risk to helping the student loan industry make millions on the backs of Virginia students, crippling their futures, and standing by his most famous scandal-ridden client, Enron, Ed Gillespie has made millions off the backs of others. And during this campaign, he thinks he can employ the same strategy–profiting politically off the backs of Virginia’s diverse electorate.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie has shown his true colors during this campaign–he’s adopted Trump’s horrifying bigoted attacks in the hopes they will help his flailing campaign. Virginians know the truth-that Gillespie will sell them out for a buck or for a political favor faster than you can say ‘Enron Ed.’”

Published: Oct 30, 2017

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