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News Thursday, Sep 1 2016

Donald Trump Fails Commander In Chief Test With Disrespect for Veterans

Sep 01, 2016

This morning, Donald Trump is in Cincinnati to address the American Legion Convention. Regardless of what Trump says today, his words and actions throughout the campaign have made one thing abundantly clear — he lacks the respect and honor for the men and women who serve our country that is required for a Commander in Chief. 

Ahead of Trump’s remarks, here are some of his most offensive, outrageous remarks about veterans and their service to our country: 

In late July, Trump attacked a Gold Star military family after the parents of slain Muslim American Army Captain Humayun Khan spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Trump’sattack on the Khan family earned a swift and strong rebuke from both sides of the aisle, but he pressed on and continued to publicly attack the family. 

At an August rally, Trump minimized the sacrifices of Purple Heart recipients saying, “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.” 

Despite having “always wanted to get the Purple Heart,” Trump sought at least four draft deferrals to avoid serving in the Vietnam War and then later compared dating and STD’s to his own personal Vietnam War. 

Trump has also infamously disparaged prisoners of war, saying “I like people who weren’t captured” — and has repeatedly refused to apologize. 

In June, Trump accused U.S. troops of stealing money earmarked for rebuilding Iraq. 

Trump has disparaged veterans, attacked their families, avoided service and advocated for policies that are bad for veterans. It’s no surprise that on the eve of his remarks, a Republican veteran condemned Trump in the Cincinnati Enquirer

Regardless of what Trump says today, his disrespect for the men and women who have served our country leaves him unfit to serve as Commander in Chief. 

Published: Sep 1, 2016

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