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Friday, Jun 23 2017

Dean Heller’s Hellish Healthcare Week

Jun 23, 2017

It’s been a hellish week for Dean Heller. After years of Heller’s empty promises to Nevadans about improving their healthcare, it turns out the Senate health care bill, developed in secrecy and released earlier this week, was even worse than the House version. It makes deep cuts to Medicaid, guts critical funding for opioid addiction treatment, and tears health care coverage away from millions of Americans. Experts from around the country have condemned the bill and Heller is feeling the heat nationally and at home.

“The devastating health care bill that Dean Heller is poised to vote for would strip lifesaving treatment from hundreds of thousands of Nevadans and raise costs on countless more,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “It’s no surprise he’s had a disastrous week, and he’ll continue to be held accountable for this reprehensible attack on Nevada families.”

Here are just the highlights of Dean Heller’s hellish week…

CNN: “Dean Heller is a prime example of somebody who is in a real pickle.”


National Journal: Dean Heller Faces a Devilish Political Choice
MSNBC: “The idea that Senator Heller… would support this thing, I think it’s unthinkable.”
News 4: Reno Planned Parenthood supporters protest Republican health care plan
Reno Gazette-Journal: Will Sen. Heller take away my health coverage for 
Reno Gazette-Journal: Heller faces increased pressure in run up to health care bill release
Las Vegas Sun: Heller in spotlight as Senate Republicans work toward vote on Obamacare repeal
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Ads target Dean Heller, other GOP senators to sway vote on health care bill
Las Vegas Sun: Let’s hold Heller to his word on health care
Las Vegas Sun: Heller must vote to protect health care for all Nevadans
Reno Gazette-Journal: Heller and Sandoval, don’t take away my healthcare: Jessica Reeder
Reno Gazette-Journal: Nevada advocates say health care bill will affect ‘real’ people
Nevada Independent: Sandoval, Heller on opposite sides of phasing out state Medicaid expansion as part of ACA repeal
Nevada Independent: The Indy Explains: What’s in the Senate health overhaul bill and how would it affect Nevadans?
The Hill: Progressives target Heller and Flake on Senate GOP bill
… Sheesh! After all that,  no wonder Dean Heller snuck in a nap while pretending to read the Senate’s health care bill.

Published: Jun 23, 2017

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