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News Thursday, Mar 2 2017

Dean Heller is Aiding and Abetting Jeff Sessions

Mar 02, 2017

A growing number of Republicans are calling for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from ongoing investigations of Trump’s Russia ties. But once again, Dean Heller is nowhere to be seen or heard from.

Below is a statement by Jessica Mackler, President of American Bridge 21st Century:

“Dean Heller is aiding and abetting Jeff Sessions by refusing to call for the Attorney General to recuse himself from the investigations over Trump’s ties to Russia and demand an independent investigation. Nevadans sent Sen. Heller to represent them, but what they got instead is a missing-in-action politician who is putting our national security at risk to protect an Administration that continues to mislead the country about the president’s relationship to Putin and Russia.”

Published: Mar 2, 2017

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