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News Wednesday, Feb 22 2017

Dean Heller Accidentally Met Some Voters… It Didn't Go Well

Feb 22, 2017

Everyone knows Senator Dean Heller doesn’t like to work that hard. He doesn’t like to do town halls — after all, that much contact with the public might require you to read a briefing memo or hear someone disagree with you.

But today, Senator Heller finally had to meet some concerned voters who attended a private event in Carson City. It didn’t go well.

  • First, Heller went in the back door to avoid protesters out front.
  • As soon as people started asking him questions Heller froze and handed the mic over to his high school buddy Mark Amodei — who talked for 5 minutes while his friend got his feet underneath him.
  • Heller didn’t have good answers to questions.  Will he commit to an in-person town hall? Heller said he’s “more of a tele-town hall person,” but he’ll commit an in-person meeting only if his constituents promise not to applaud or boo him.
  • Instead of playing to his strength and committing to nothing, after being asked several times by constituents if he would hold a real town hall in April, Heller eventually agreed. We look forward to him backtracking on that promise in the coming days.
  • Asked about his plans for the Affordable Care Act, Heller said, “If you like your health care you can keep it” — a weird promise from a politician who’s voted to repeal the ACA.
  • What are his plans for Trump’s Muslim ban? After stumbling around, the best Heller could come up with was that he wants to keep Nevada “moving down the right road.” 

Then he left the building. Better luck next time, Senator.

Published: Feb 22, 2017

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