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News Monday, Jan 14 2019

DAY 24: Where’s Mitch?

Jan 14, 2019

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been uncharacteristically silent since the Trump shutdown began, aside from refusing to bring government funding bills to the Senate Floor and attempting to shift the blame for Trump’s shutdown to Democrats.

But report after report notes that an end to the shutdown is within McConnell’s control. And a new Washington Post-ABC poll released this weekend shows 53% of Americans blame Republicans and Trump for the shutdown. In short, it’s not looking good for Republicans, and McConnell may want to rethink his abdicate-all-responsibility strategy.

Here are some highlights in recent coverage of MIA Mitch:


Lexington Herald-Leader Editorial: 1 word for Mitch McConnell: ‘Override.’ Senate leader’s kowtow to Trump is making us less safe.

Washington Post: Mitch McConnell could end the shutdown. But he’s sitting this one out.

Reuters: As government shutdown drags on, where is Senator McConnell?

LA Times: Government shutdown: How much longer can Mitch McConnell sit it out?

Newsweek: Where is Mitch McConnell? GOP Leader nowhere to be seen as his President’s shutdown drags on 

McClatchy: As shutdown shatters a record for the longest ever, Congress vacates DC

CNN: As shutdown drags on, McConnell heads home to Kentucky, leaving Democrats angry

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

GQ: Mitch McConnell Owns the Government Shutdown, Too

Vox: Senate Democrats pushed a vote to reopen the government. Mitch McConnell shot them down.

Fortune: McConnell Blocked the Senate From Voting on a Spending Bill Without Wall Funding

Washington Monthly: This Is Mitch McConnell’s Shutdown 

Washington Post: Pressure on Senate Republicans to break shutdown impasse grows

Wall Street Journal: McConnell Stays on Sidelines as Shutdown Nears Record Length

Published: Jan 14, 2019

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