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News Tuesday, Dec 6 2016

David Brock Announces American Bridge Trump Administration Accountability War Room

Dec 06, 2016

David Brock Announces American Bridge Trump Administration Accountability War Room

Dedicated Research, Communications, and Rapid Response Operations to Focus on Holding Trump Accountable

American Bridge founder David Brock this morning announced the establishment of a new American Bridge project specifically focused on ensuring President-elect Donald Trump and his incoming Administration are “accountable, transparent, and held in check.” Brock was joined by American Bridge President Jessica Mackler and James Carville for a call to emphasize the need for a robust Trump accountability operation. 

Noting that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 2.5 million more votes and that Trump remains historically unpopular, Brock highlighted that while Trump may be president-elect, he definitively does not have a mandate. Brock also added that the Democratic Party clearly requires a thorough restructuring at the national and state levels. American Bridge’s new Trump project will be part of that effort, and at the center of Democratic efforts to hold Trump accountable.

On the call, Brock stressed the danger of the Trump Administration having “a minister of disinformation operating from the West Wing with ties to a proto-fascist media empire that is nothing more than a pro-Trump propaganda machine.” To combat Trump’s unprecedented willingness to lie and his infrastructure to propagate those lies, Brock added that Bridge’s Trump war room will “fact-check Administration statements in real-time.”

One of the gravest concerns with respect to a Trump presidency is that Donald Trump will do what he’s done all his life, and prioritize enriching himself no matter who gets hurt in the process. Trump’s global network of hundreds of corporations create historically unprecedented conflicts of interest, the full extent of which have yet to become public given Trump’s equally unprecedented lack of transparency. Brock emphasized that American Bridge will put significant resources — using every means at its disposal — behind ensuring corruption does not run rampant in a Trump Administration. Brock added he hopes that like-minded Republicans, who similarly do not want Trump to exploit the Office of the Presidency to enrich himself, will join those efforts.

The Trump accountability war room will supplement American Bridge’s traditional research, communications, and rapid response operations — and the Democratic Party’s largest troves of Trump research, including 20,000 hours of video and audio — with new technology tools to hold Trump to account, beginning immediately with “an intensive effort to watchdog the Presidential transition.”

Finally, Brock detailed American Bridge’s plans to communicate its findings to Congress — where Democratic lawmakers can use Bridge’s findings to ensure proper oversight is conducted on Trump — as well as to “the news media, progressive allies, and to the public directly, including a targeted campaign to reach Trump’s own supporters, via social media and paid advertising.”

Published: Dec 6, 2016

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