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News Wednesday, Jul 11 2018

COUNT THE LIES: Scott Wagner Courts Fringe Cult, Then Lies After He Gets Caught

Jul 11, 2018

Yesterday, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner repeatedly lied to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a desperate attempt at damage control. On Sunday, July 8, 2018, leader of the “Sanctuary Church” cult Sean Moon gave the invocation at a Wagner campaign event shortly before Wagner spoke. He even endorsed Wagner in the invocation. Moon’s cult teaches that women should obey their husbands or face death, conducts mass weddings where participants hit each other with sticks and attendees carry AR-15 rifles, and wear “crowns of bullets.” Moon himself has been labeled an “anti-LGBT cult leader” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and his father, the cult’s founder, spent time in prison for tax evasion and faced charges of anti-Semitism. Charming group.

After American Bridge released the audio of Wagner courting the cult’s endorsement,Wagner’s campaign made an amateurish attempt at damage control more reminiscent of a student council race than a campaign for Pennsylvania Governor.

“Scott Wagner was courting the support of a fringe cult leader who teaches that women should obey their husbands or face death, and only attempted to distance himself after he got caught,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Once again, Scott Wagner is demonstrating he is only in this for himself and can’t be trust to be Pennsylvania’s next Governor.”

Count the lies Pinocchio Scott Wagner told yesterday:

Lie 1: Wagner’s campaign said: “Scott does not support Hyung Jin Sean Moon or his beliefs.

The Truth: When a member of the cult asked Wagner to come on Sean Moon’s show, Wagner deferred to his staff to schedule the appearance, then said he and the cult members agreed on “98% of things.”

Lie 2: Wagner’s campaign said he “left the event early.

The Truth: Wagner was at the event for approximately an hour.

Lie 3: Moon’s invocation was an “unsanctioned appearance.”

The Truth: Wagner’s event was at a facility owned by Sean Moon’s Assistant Pastor and brother, Justin Moon. Justin Moon is the CEO of Kahr Firearms Group and Owner of Tommy Gun Warehouse, where the event took place.  Kahr Firearms Group was formerly owned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Sean Moon’s father and founder of the cult. Justin is a member of the cultsupported his brother Sean in a power struggle after Sun Myung Moon died, and serves as Sean Moon’s de facto Assistant Pastor.

The bottom line: Scott Wagner somehow thought he could get away with courting this extremist cult without anyone finding out, and now is lying after he got caught red-handed  Scott Wagner knew exactly who he was meeting with and what they believe. How do we know? Wagner criticized his primary opponent for doing the very same thing!

Published: Jul 11, 2018

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