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Cecile Richards Deval Patrick Steve Bullock Tom Perez Saturday, Nov 6 2021

Co-Chairs Statements on House Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Nov 06, 2021

Following the passage of President Biden and congressional Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in the House, American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chairs Gov. Steve BullockGov. Deval PatrickTom Perez, and Cecile Richards released the following statements on this once-in-a-generation investment in our infrastructure and competitiveness:

“For rural America, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill breathes new life into heartland communities long left out of the deals made in Washington,” Gov. Steve Bullock said. “These investments in our roads and bridges will get products off the farms and into American households. The expansion of rural broadband increases access to jobs, education, and health care. And the improvement of our freight rail, waterways, and ports will be a vital advantage for U.S. agriculture. So often talk is cheap, but President Biden and congressional Democrats have made sure the benefits of this bill touch every corner of the country.”

“Thanks to the strong leadership of President Biden and congressional Democrats, millions of good-paying jobs and lasting economic opportunity are within reach for Americans everywhere,” Gov. Deval Patrick said. “While other administrations talked about rebuilding America, President Biden and Democrats — with help from just a handful of Senate Republicans — are getting it done. This vote shows that ‘Build Back Better’ means putting government back on the side of working people.”

“President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats have kept their campaign promise and passed a historic bipartisan infrastructure bill – the single largest investment in our competitiveness in nearly a century,” Tom Perez said. “But this bill does so much more than just fix our crumbling infrastructure: it creates thousands of jobs and makes our economy more sustainable, resilient, and just. It invests in middle class families and secures America’s place in the 21st century economy. The Biden-Harris Administration is creating lasting, generational change for everyone.”

“President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is an enormous gift to American families, and an investment in our future,” Cecile Richards said. “This historic legislation expands internet access to all homes to ensure everyone can compete in the modern economy. The infrastructure package completes long-needed repairs to roads and bridges. President Joe Biden is prioritizing people over profit and hard-working American families over billionaires, giving America a chance to not just build back, but build back equally.”  


Published: Nov 6, 2021

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