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Thursday, May 29 2014

Christie Gives Big Raises To Staffers While Ransacking Pensions Funds Due To Budget Shortfall

May 29, 2014

Under Chris Christie’s watch, the New Jersey economy has fallen on tough times. Christie has presided over downgrades on his debt from every major credit rating agency, unemployment well above the national average, and a private sector job growth rate among the worst in the country. And this month he announced that he would ransack workers’ pension funds in order to balance his massive budget shortfall created under his leadership.

Now it comes to light, that amidst these economic mishaps that have left New Jersey families struggling, Governor Christie found it appropriate to give “hefty pay increases” to his staff–especially to those who “help craft and promote his image.”

Melissa Hayes of The Record points out Christie’s inappropriate priorities and fiscal hypocrisy:

The raises come as Christie is withholding more than $2.4 billion in payments to the state pension fund because of revenue shortfalls. And Christie has delayed a property tax relief program that averages nearly $500 for seniors and some families.

And the raises to the governor’s staff appear to have happened around the same time Christie vetoed the minutes of the Pinelands Commission because it voted to increase the personnel line item in its budget by 5 percent — a move the governor castigated the commissioners for by saying it was “conscious disregard of fiscal realities.”

Once again, Chris Christie has shown that maintaining his image is more valuable to him than the well-being of his constituents.

Published: May 29, 2014

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