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News Tuesday, Feb 2 2016

Christie Continues To Show True Right-Wing Colors In NH

Feb 02, 2016

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s more bombastic brand of extremism helps Chris Christie — an angry right-wing conservative in his own right — pretend he’s running in the “moderate lane.”

But if “moderate” is how you’d describe the New Jersey governor — who’s unabashedly anti-immigrant and anti-choice, and a staunch opponent of common-sense gun laws — then you haven’t been listening to him.

Christie was up front about his right-wing views at a Tuesday afternoon town hall event in New Hampshire:

VIDEO: Opposing Common-Sense Gun Safety Measures: “These Laws Are Like Cotton Candy”
VIDEO: Attacking Marco Rubio For Supporting “Amnesty”

  • “Marco Rubio ran for Senate in 2010, said he would never be for amnesty, he’d never be for legalization of people who came here illegally. Then he sponsors a bill with Chuck Schumer that allows for amenity and legalization. Now he comes back, “no, no,” a few debates ago, saying that the reason he now changed is mind is because of terrorism. OK. Did terrorism not exist in 2013, when he sponsored that bill. Was there that moment of time warp when it didn’t exist? I mean, stop insulting our intelligence.
  • We defunded Planned Parenthood six years ago, and I’ve defunded it every year since then, because I don’t believe that the government should be funding that kind of activity — and you shouldn’t be forced with your taxpayer money to pay for that kind of activity.” And that’s relatively tame anti-choice rhetoric than usual for Christie, who supports a twenty-week abortion ban, thinks Roe v. Wade was “wrongly decided,” and has cut millions of dollars from women’s health services in New Jersey.

Published: Feb 2, 2016

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