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AB Leadership Cecile Richards Friday, Dec 10 2021

Cecile Richards Statement on Supreme Court’s Texas Abortion Ban Decision

Dec 10, 2021

Following today’s decision by the Supreme Court on SB8, Texas’ unconstitutional abortion ban, American Bridge 21st Century co-chair and former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards released the following statement:

“By allowing Texas’ unconstitutional abortion ban to remain in effect, the Supreme Court has signaled to Republican state legislatures across the country that they can pursue vigilante-style enforcement that nullifies a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. These decisions have real-life consequences. Although some lawsuits may continue, pregnant people in Texas are forced to live without a right protected by the Constitution and reaffirmed in case law for nearly 50 years. That is an abomination. Governor Abbot’s SB8 makes a mockery of constitutional protection, and the justices who signed on to this majority opinion have failed the women of Texas.” 

“Ahead of the midterms, abortion access will be a top issue for voters at the polls. In the months ahead, American Bridge 21st Century and Democrats will make sure voters know that the Republican Party is stripping women of their reproductive rights state by state, starting with Texas. Republicans put their own political interests ahead of the well-being of women across the country and next November, we will resoundingly reject this Supreme Court decision and those responsible for its consequences.”


Published: Dec 10, 2021 | Last Modified: Dec 16, 2021

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