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Friday, Apr 3 2015

Bush Takes More Heat on Religious Discrimination Stance(s)

Apr 03, 2015

Jeb Bush was quick to throw his full support behind Indiana’s discrimination law and bone up his social conservative credentials. But two days later, Bush was caught telling Silicon Valley donors a completely different position after a legislative fix was already in motion. Bush is willing to take the courageous position of telling you whatever you want to hear, whether you’re a voter or donor. This proves once again that no one can trust him.

Bush is facing negative numbers and weak support from Republican voters before he’s even announced his candidacy. Now, voters are reminded that he doesn’t have positions on many issues and is willing to change his views for political gain. If this is how Bush fares before he’s a candidate, imagine what lies ahead.

Check out the brutal headlines for Bush:

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New York Times: Jeb Bush Seems to Shift Tone in His Praise of Indiana Law

NBC News: Jeb Bush Appears to Strike a Different Tone on Indiana Law

CBS News: Jeb Bush shifts stance on Indiana religious freedom law

Christian Science Monitor: In backlash to Indiana law, an astonishing reversal in American politics (+video)

Tampa Bay Times: Fundraising in California, Jeb Bush issues softer backing of Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law

IJReview: Jeb Bush Can’t Make Up His Mind on Whether He Supports Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Guardian: Jeb Bush flip-flop on Indiana law shows what a difference two days make

Bloomberg News: Did Republican 2016ers Go Too Far in Defending Mike Pence?

Published: Apr 3, 2015

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