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News LGBTQ+ Thursday, Jun 2 2016

Burr Continues His Bumbling HB2 Backtrack

Jun 02, 2016

Senator Richard Burr can’t keep his position on HB2 straight. 

Last week, Burr began backtracking his support for Governor Pat McCrory’s job-killing law after polls showed him in a tight race for re-election. Burr previously claimed HB2 wasn’t affecting North Carolina’s business community (despite the millions of lost economic and tourism revenue) and said the law didn’t discriminate.

He’s continued his bumbling attempt to distance himself this week. Unfortunately, Burr can’t seem to decide why he doesn’t like HB2.

Is it because “it was far too expansive?” Does he not like the “bathroom” part of the legislation? Or does he agree with “every aspect” of the law except for taking discrimination cases out of state courts?

Maybe the reason Burr can’t get his story straight is because he doesn’t actually disagree with the discriminatory HB2. Up until it hurt him politically, Burr was content to stand by the economically damaging law. One look at his record on LGBT issues makes it clear he’s no friend to the community. 

Greensboro News & Record’s Susan Ladd got it right: Burr’s backtrack is “naked opportunism.”

Published: Jun 2, 2016

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