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Friday, May 18 2018

BREAKING: Adam Laxalt Finally Confronted About Support for Alleged Rapist Sheriff, Runs Away

May 18, 2018

Watch the video here

In a rare public appearance, Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt was finally confronted about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro.

As Laxalt’s handlers nervously watched, perhaps contemplating how someone got between them and the candidate they’ve been sworn to protect from interactions with actual voters, Laxalt was asked about recent Facebook ads regarding his support for Antinoro. Instead of using the opportunity to renounce his numerous supporters like Antinoro who are accused of sexual harassment and assault, Laxalt refused to answer the question and awkwardly ran away.

“Adam Laxalt’s handlers finally failed at keeping Laxalt away from questions about his support of an alleged rapist and sexual harasser,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Unfortunately, Laxalt still refused to provide a straight answer – or any answer – on why he continues to tout the endorsement of an alleged rapist. Adam Laxalt’s silence proves our point – there is no defensible explanation for why Laxalt continues to stand with sexual predators over Nevada victims.”

Transcript: “I saw a Facebook ad about you supporting a sheriff who was accused of raping somebody…”


Watch the video here.

Published: May 18, 2018

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