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News Tuesday, Dec 5 2017

As Bannon Campaigns for a Pedophile, His Hand-Picked Candidates Stay Loyal

Dec 05, 2017

Tonight, former Trump senior advisor turned alt-right crusader Steve Bannon will campaign in Alabama for disgraced Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of preying on at least eight teenage girls when he was in his thirties. Bannon has stood by Moore following the allegations that Moore pursued teenage girls in the 1980s, including sexually assaulting a 14 -year-old girl.

But when he’s not campaigning for a suspected child molester, Steve Bannon has been endorsing and fundraising for Senate candidates across the country. And as of this moment, these candidates continue to stand by Steve Bannon — touting his endorsement and collecting money from his donor network — as he campaigns for a child molester. They include:
  • Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee
  • Ted Cruz, Texas
  • Josh Hawley, Missouri
  • Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia
  • Kevin Nicholson, Wisconsin
  • Matt Rosendale, Montana
  • Danny Tarkanian, Nevada
  • Kelly Ward, Arizona
“Steve Bannon apparently thinks a serial sexual molester who preys on underage girls is fit for the United States Senate, and his endorsed candidates are refusing to speak out,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “No matter what cheap rhetoric these candidates use to try to distance themselves from Roy Moore, staying silent as their highest-profile political patron campaigns for an alleged abuser of young girls is unconscionable. Any candidate who stays silent now will be tarred with Roy Moore for the rest of their political life.”

Published: Dec 5, 2017

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