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Friday, Nov 12 2021

Bad Headlines Pile Up for Republicans Opposing Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Nov 12, 2021

Last Friday, House Democrats passed President Biden’s historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that’s set to create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, build new roads, bridges, and dams, and help expand internet access to all

However, the vast majority of Republicans voted against this bill – ignoring the problems in their own backyard and attempting to deny Americans a historic investment in the economy that will benefit us for generations to come. Luckily, their constituents have been calling out this cowardly and partisan act for what it is: putting party loyalty over the needs of the American people.

Here’s what papers are saying about Republicans voting against Biden’s historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill:


The HillRepublican governors mostly silent on infrastructure bill

  • “The disparity between Democratic and Republican governors is an extension of the partisanship that infects Capitol Hill, where even infrastructure — once virtually guaranteed to win bipartisan support — has become an area of contention. The small number of Republicans who voted for the package, mostly members who represent urban areas and old guard members like Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), came under criticism from fellow conservatives who said they had helped advance President Biden’s agenda.” 


The Cap Times: Opinion | Sen. Ron Johnson failed Wisconsinites with vote against infrastructure bill

  • “I am grateful and want to thank the Democrats and Republicans who joined together to deliver this infrastructure bill as I know how transformative it will be for Manitowoc. Sen. Johnson has forgotten about us during his 11 years in Washington. I, and the city I represent, remember who stands up for us and who casts us aside. We will not forget that Sen. Johnson stood against a win for all of us.”


Tampa Bay Times EditorialHow the new infrastructure bill will boost Florida 

  • “While this is a bipartisan bill, it was strictly partisan business as usual in Florida, sadly. When the Senate approved the bill back in August, Florida Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott both voted “no.” Scott complained that “the Democrats want to spend all the money, but they don’t want to take responsibility for the debt.” That vote was 69-30 with even Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, joining 18 Republicans to say yes. But not our Florida senators.”

Florida Politics‘Pork-barrel spending’: Ron DeSantis disses federal infrastructure bill, but state will benefit

  • “DeSantis has seen recent budgets buoyed by pandemic spending from the federal government, with $10.1 billion of federal funding in the $101.5 billion current budget, and it’s perhaps telling that he refused to offer a real critique of the legislation when asked. But it’s on trend for DeSantis.”


The Gazette: With one exception, Bennet’s GOP challengers say they oppose bipartisan infrastructure bill

  • “All but one of the Republicans running for the Colorado U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Michael Bennet say they would have voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed the Senate this summer and got an OK late Friday from the House of Representatives.”


The News & Observer Editorial: “The lame excuses NC Republicans had for opposing the infrastructure bill

  • “And why did these N.C. honorables object? Well, we know why – the spending will boost the agenda of a Democratic president. But pure partisanship can’t be an official explanation, so they once more raised flimsy or false objections.”

The Charlotte Observer LTENC Republicans who voted ‘no’ on the infrastructure bill failed constituents

  • “While vigorously supporting a tax break for America’s wealthiest but voting against the infrastructure bill these N.C. representatives sabotage the real needs of their average constituents — and our economic competitiveness. How does that “represent” the people’s will or what’s good for our country? Who will hold them accountable?”


Lancaster Online EditorialLong-needed infrastructure bill finally passed, but Rep. Smucker failed to serve Lancaster County’s interests by voting no

  • “But we’re mystified and disappointed that the U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker didn’t vote for this infrastructure bill, which will do so much good for his constituents in Lancaster County. It’s hard to see how his “nay” vote last Friday was in the best interest of those he was elected to serve.”


WABEInfrastructure bill could rev Georgia’s electric vehicle market despite ‘no’ votes from GOP

  • “Among those who voted no on the infrastructure bill was Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde. He says spending millions on charging stations is “wasteful” even though his district includes Commerce, Ga., where thousands of workers will soon be building batteries for electric vehicles.”


Published: Nov 12, 2021

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