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Monday, Jan 31 2022

Awash in Scandal, Another Disastrous Week for Kristi Noem

Jan 31, 2022

Despite unified GOP control in SD, Noem can’t even deliver on her right-wing priorities 

Last week, from a series of legislative swings and misses, to her chief of staff’s bigoted comments, to her own party demanding additional oversight on her because of a messy personal scandal involving failed attempts to interfere with state agencies to get a family member a real estate license, South Dakota’s embattled Governor Kristi Noem’s incompetence was on full display this week. 

In a bright red state, with large Republican majorities in the state house, Noem failed to deliver on routine legislative measures like expanding a campsite in a state park. Also last week, Noem saw a federal judge block her latest attempt to restrict access to reproductive health care. 

She has also proven to be incapable of delivering on the out-of-touch “priorities” of the far right wing, like school prayer and preventing trans children from playing sports in school. After Noem vetoed similar legislation in March 2021 (and was roundly criticized by right-wing media), the South Dakota legislature is bringing up anti-trans legislation once again, leading Noem’s chief of staff to quip that participation in sports by transgender kids is ‘sort of like terrorism.’

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Published: Jan 31, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 2, 2022

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