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News Wednesday, Jan 9 2019

AUDIO: Listen to Ralph Abraham Lie About Campaigning During Shutdown

Jan 09, 2019

Abraham, who continues to attend fundraisers during the government shutdown, tells a radio host he is too busy doing his job as a Congressman to campaign during the shutdown

Well, here’s a lie that would make even Pinocchio blush. Congressman Ralph Abraham was recently asked on talk radio if the government shutdown allowed him more time to campaign for Louisiana Governor. Abraham responded, “No not at all. I understand my job as a Congressman is to represent the people of the 5th district of Louisiana.”

That would be a good answer for the Congressman, if it wasn’t a bald-faced lie. The truth is, Congressman Abraham has been campaigning nonstop since the shutdown began. He held a high-dollar fundraiser last week, and has another one scheduled for this week.

“Congressman Abraham is clearly following the Bobby Jindal playbook of focusing on his political career while leaving struggling Louisianans hung out to dry,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Thousands of Louisiana workers are going without pay while Congressman Abraham hobnobs with wealthy campaign donors instead of doing his job and reopening the government. Congressman Abraham may not be losing any sleep over it, but the thousands of Louisiana workers who aren’t getting paid certainly are.”

Published: Jan 9, 2019

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