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News Tuesday, Jun 7 2016

Area Racist Presidential Nominee "Misconstrued"

Jun 07, 2016

It isn’t the first time someone racist has claimed to be merely misunderstood, nor will it be the last. Donald Trump’s non-apology statement only serves to reinforce that he’s, well, a racist.

Donald Trump likes to brag that he never apologizes and he certainly hasn’t today with respect to his racist comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel:

Sopan Deb
Keep in mind that Trump’s new statement is not an apology or a walk back. He’s saying that he was misunderstood and that he’s justified.
4:23 PM – 7 Jun 2016

The Trump statement isn’t an apology. And it’s unlikely to quiet GOP nerves about him.
4:02 PM – 7 Jun 2016

Matt Fuller
It’s weird that the racist guy doesn’t understand why that comment was racist, huh?
4:14 PM – 7 Jun 2016

Ali Vitali
Statement doesn’t use the words “apologize” or “regret.” Instead, says it’s “unfortunate” that Trump’s comments have been “misconstrued.”

Matt Viser
Trump seems to be saying: I don’t think all Hispanic judges are biased. I just feel this Hispanic judge is biased. Because he is Hispanic.
4:13 PM – 7 Jun 2016

Benjy Sarlin
Trump issues statement on Curiel, but it seems to walk back absolutely nothing.
4:04 PM – 7 Jun 2016

Judd Legum
Things that this statement does not contain

1. An apology

2. Disavowal of anything Trump has said about the judge
4:03 PM – 7 Jun 2016

*reads Trump statement*

“Ooohhhhhhhhhh. The comments were misconstruuuuuued! Well that settles that.”
4:34 PM – 7 Jun 2016

Jennifer Rubin
Trump, sensing a tidal wave, puts out a statement saying he didn’t accuse judge of bias because of Mexican dissent. Break the Pinnochio bank
4:00 PM – 7 Jun 2016

Published: Jun 7, 2016

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