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News Friday, Mar 30 2012

An Open Letter To Reince Priebus (RNC Chairman)

Mar 30, 2012

Dear Mr. Priebus,


You must be awfully proud of your team at the RNC. Your new ad, featuring Solicitor General Donald Verrilli is, as your spokesman described it, “novel” and “ahead of the curve.” Though we’re not sure if he meant the use of Supreme Court audio recordings, or the blatant manipulation of the audio.

Foolishly, we here at American Bridge 21st Century have been relying on the actual video and audio of your candidates, in full and in context.

Like when Jon Bruning (R-NE) compared welfare recipients to raccoons..

Or when Mitt Romney told the Iowa State Fair “corporations are people, my friend.”

But by manipulating the audio like you guys did of the Solicitor General, you can make it sound like someone said something in a way that they didn’t actually, while still technically using their own words. Sort of like using a clip of them quoting somebody else?

Hopefully, this “novel” technique is in fact a one-time thing and not a pattern of deceit.

Because we have audio editing software too.

And we’re better at this than you are.

You should try letting voters make their decisions based on what people actually say and mean, if you think your candidates can handle that.

So let’s put an end to this game – before you get in over your heads.


Rodell Mollineau
American Bridge 21st Century

Published: Mar 30, 2012

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