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News Monday, Jun 12 2017

American Bridge Statement on Pulse Shooting and Gov. Rick Scott

Jun 12, 2017

On the first anniversary of the Pulse shooting, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement about Gov. Rick Scott:

“Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Pulse massacre in Orlando. Since then, survivors, their families, and the families of this who were lost — and millions of Floridians — have come together to honor and mourn the lives that were lost, and call for action to prevent future tragedies. That starts with commonsense measures to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of terrorists.

“Over the past year, Governor Rick Scott has opposed all attempts to prevent a future tragedy — from banning high-capacity magazines to ensuring individuals on the Terror Watch List can’t buy a gun. Scott refused to even acknowledge that the Pulse attack targeted the LGBT community in his State of the State speech in March. Rick Scott is putting his partisan ideology ahead of keeping Floridians safe — and you can count on them to remember.”

Published: Jun 12, 2017

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