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American Bridge Opposition Research Provides Key Edge in Election Victory

American Bridge Statement on Gov. Tony Evers Win

Nov 09, 2022

On the news that Gov. Tony Evers has won re-election as governor of Wisconsin, American Bridge spokesperson Alexandra De Luca released the following statement: 

“Tim Michels ran and lost in 1998, ran and lost in 2004, and ran and lost yet again in 2022. That’s because to his core, he doesn’t understand Wisconsin values or Wisconsin morals. An out-of-touch, self-interested millionaire who calls a Connecticut mansion home, Michels wanted to ban all abortions, lock up doctors and destroy Wisconsin’s public schools isn’t who people want leading their state. Badgers’ voices were heard loud and clear, and we’re glad Governor Evers has another four years to keep up his dedicated work for the people of Wisconsin.”

 American Bridge’s research was decisive in this race, notching hits that appeared in outlets across the state:

Published: Nov 9, 2022 | Last Modified: Nov 14, 2022

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