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News Wednesday, Feb 8 2017

American Bridge Statement on Jeff Sessions’ AG Confirmation

Feb 08, 2017

Following Jeff Sessions’ Senate Confirmation vote, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement:

“In a cabinet full of controversial and reckless nominees, Jeff Sessions might be the worst. He has been credited as the godfather of some of the Trump administration’s most egregious actions and was previously deemed too racist to be a federal judge by the U.S. Senate. Last night was proof that even Republicans know Americans find Sessions unacceptable, but their attempts to silence opposition to his racism and bigotry won’t work.

“The country knows that Senate Republicans are responsible for sending a man Coretta Scott King said would ‘irreparably damage the work of’ her husband, Martin Luther King Jr., to run Department of Justice and unravel a century of progress on civil rights. We will hold them accountable for his agenda.”

Published: Feb 8, 2017

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