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News Monday, Nov 28 2016

American Bridge Seeking Records On Mike Flynn's Classified Intel Leaks

Nov 28, 2016

American Bridge is today announcing additional Freedom of Information Act requests on Donald Trump’s incoming administration, with the latest focusing on Mike Flynn and his record of mishandling sensitive and classified intelligence.

There’s a reason Donald Trump chose to push erstwhile Vladimir Putin dinner companion and current anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Mike Flynn into the White House as his national security advisor — a position that isn’t subject to congressional confirmation.

Why doesn’t Trump want Flynn answering questions? Is it because Flynn mishandled classified intelligence, inappropriately sharing it with foreign countries?

To learn more, American Bridge has submitted two FOIA requests looking into: (1) Mike Flynn’s history of mishandling classified and sensitive intelligence; and (2) his record of overseeing repeated discrimination complaints as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

As Trump looks to exploit the Office of the Presidency for his personal gain and appoint bigots to his Cabinet, it’s as important as ever to hold Trump and his nominees — or unconfirmed appointees, where the likes of Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn are concerned — accountable.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on the FOIA requests:

“As with Donald Trump’s own undisclosed conflicts of interest, there’s plenty we don’t know about Mike Flynn. He’s bragged about leaking state secrets in the past, and brings plenty of other baggage including making paid appearances for one of Russia’s state-run media outlets.

“There’s a reason Trump wants to quietly name Flynn to an unconfirmed national security adviser position, and the American people deserve to know what Trump’s hiding from them.”



Flynn Revealed Sensitive And Classified Intelligence To Foreign Countries

2009 – 2010: Flynn Traveled To Pakistan And Revealed To Pakistani Official Sensitive Intelligence About The Haqqani Network That Was Accused Of Staging Attacks On U.S. Forces. According to The Washington Post, “Some ofFlynn’s other moves angered superiors. Former U.S. officials said he was scolded after traveling to Pakistan in 2009 or early 2010 and revealing to Pakistani officials sensitive U.S. intelligence on the militant Haqqani network accused of staging attacks on American forces. U.S. officials said that the move was aimed at prodding Pakistan to crack down on the militant group, but that Flynn exposed U.S. intelligence capabilities that only helped Pakistan protect an organization it used as a proxy ally.” [Washington Post, 8/15/16]

Flynn Was Investigated By The Pentagon For Inappropriately Sharing Classified Intelligence With Australian And British Forces; Flynn Said He Was “Proud” Of Doing It. According to The Washington Post, “Flynn also came under investigation by the Pentagon because of an allegation that he had inappropriately shared highly classified intelligence with Australian and British forces. ‘I’m proud of that one,’ Flynn said in an interview. ‘Accuse me of sharing intelligence in combat with our closest allies. Please!’” [Washington Post, 8/15/16]

Instances of Reported Discrimination During Flynn’s Tenure at the DIA

2012-2014:  136 Individuals Filed 136 Discrimination Complaints Against The DIA. [Defense Intelligence Agency, Accessed 11/18/16]

2012-2014: 48 Racial Discrimination Complaints Were Filed Against The DIA. [Defense Intelligence Agency, Accessed 11/18/16]

2013:  5 Religious Discrimination Complaints Were Filed Against The DIA.[Defense Intelligence Agency, Accessed 11/18/16]

2012-2014: 76 Sex Discrimination Complaints Were Filed Against The DIA.[Defense Intelligence Agency, accessed 11/18/16]

Published: Nov 28, 2016

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