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News Monday, Sep 25 2017

American Bridge Response to Trump, Strange Rally

Sep 25, 2017

American Bridge Spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier offered the following response to Donald Trump’s rally with Luther Strange tonight in Alabama:

“Tonight, Donald Trump repeatedly denied Luther Strange’s cozy relationship with Mitch McConnell — the Republican leader who has already spent more than $6 million propping up Strange. With millions of Republican dollars already down the drain in a divisive and nasty primary, no matter who Alabama voters choose next week, Trump, McConnell and the Republican party all lose. GOP infighting is becoming the norm in races in Nevada, Arizona, Indiana, West Virginia, and all around the country and will continue to siphon Republican resources, and shine a light on their broken promises and total inability to govern even after after nine months in complete control in Washington.”

The Mitch McConnell-aligned Super PAC, Senate Leadership Fund, has spent $6.6 million in Alabama trying to prop up their candidate of choice, Luther Strange, who remains behind in most polls. 

Published: Sep 25, 2017

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