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Joe Biden Wednesday, Mar 16 2022

American Bridge Releases Two New Ads in Battleground States AZ, NV

Mar 16, 2022

Today, American Bridge announced a new series of television, radio, and digital ads airing in Tucson, Arizona, and Reno, Nevada. These ads feature real people in each of these states telling their story of how Joe Biden is delivering for them and their communities – by lowering costs and supporting the American economy as we emerge from this pandemic.

Earlier this month, American Bridge 21st Century announced the first ads of the election year as part of its $100 million campaign ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Those television, radio, and digital ads began airing in the key battleground markets of Pittsburgh, Erie, and Johnstown,  Pennsylvania, and Savannah and Augusta, Georgia on March 9th.


Northern Nevada voters will meet Kaya, a small business owner in Reno. Kaya knows all too well the struggles that the restaurant industry endured during the pandemic, and what President Biden’s American Rescue Plan means for small businesses like hers. The policies and programs that President Biden put in place are what kept voters like Kaya afloat.


Sue is a veteran and lifelong Republican that surprisingly agrees with a lot of President Biden’s plans, and sees how they help Arizona families and the economy.

“With our ads, American Bridge is ensuring that voters in key battleground states understand the ways President Biden and Democrats are focused on growing the economy and focusing on what families need while Republicans have stood in the way at every turn,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “Instead of focusing on rebuilding the economy, they’ve been focused on scoring political points. Voters deserve to know one party is working to help them–the Democrats. ”



“I live in Reno Nevada. My husband and I have two daughters. We own a small business. It’s been an extremely tough few years, especially in the restaurant industry. We’ve all gotten knocked down, but it’s not about how we got knocked down, it’s about how we get back up. I can’t overstate what the American Rescue Plan meant for small businesses. There are so many small businesses in Northern Nevada and across the country only because of the policies and programs that President Biden has implemented. I think things are getting better. President Biden helped working families all get back on our feet. He’s putting people back to work, he’s working on getting costs down to help hard-working Americans afford groceries, and health care, and child care. He’s getting things done to move the economy forward. One of the things that makes President Biden’s leadership so great is that he comes from the middle class, he speaks for the middle class, he understands the middle class. President Biden is getting things done for Nevada.”


“As a lifelong Republican I’m surprised I agree with Joe Biden on a lot of things. Joe Biden got handed a bag of garbage. I think he’s doing the best he can with the tools that he has. President Biden’s Recovery Act got the money to people who needed it. It supports local businesses, local businesses hire people. When people are out spending money there’s a lot of jobs created. I think President Biden understands that perfectly well.”


Published: Mar 16, 2022 | Last Modified: Mar 17, 2022

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